((Weh sudden family ballon ride, bbl))

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xMun will be back xAnd OMG a Mikasa ASDFGHJKL I'll reply when I get back but hhhhhhhnnnnnn attack on titian yiss


Beautiful parenthood sentence.

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xHowl and Pitch xfearlingdevil xLittle Queue

"Lets make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young!"

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xOpen rp xSinging and dancing as if he's alone xbeen watching that die young WIP animation all day |D
Gosh she has such an amazing style!! She’s one of the reasons I want to work on animations more so I could try to reach to her level!

((Yes and all of her characters are amazing and I love all of them, each has its own personality and everything just wow))

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OMG! I didn’t know she updated it a little! I seriously can’t wait until it’s finished!! Have you seen her video timber? The colors and movements are very swift and the creatures with feathers remind me of Howl!

((i know! I adore her work and everything, yes I have watched Timber and do believe the owl creature reminds me of Howl, just hhhhhnnnnn I can’t wait till Die Young is completed))

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pinkeyesandcherrypie said:
(➹)—- "Here you go Howl but ahh none for the girls. Still too little. But they have sippy cups with their own juice inside." [hands Howl a juice box.]

Takes the juice box and puts the straw in it sipping up the fruity juice.

"Thank you Humphrey"


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xpinkeyesandcherrypie xBeach day BBQ

Juice boxes

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xHowl's favorite


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xmun talk xThe animation is flawless and I love the style plus the colors just pop

I’m not strong enough. I am weak. I need help. I need you. I need you with me to be strong.

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xStory of Howl's life



—-[GUESS WHO’S HERE HOWL? YES THE BABIES. they can’t float but they are floating with balloons to secure themselves. they can walk but they stumble too much so they sort of use the balloons to support themselves.]

[they are in cutie beach clothing, all smiles and giggles. cutie little heirs.]

Hearing the familiar giggling of the twins Howl sat up and smiled at the twins trying to float, bounce, walk with their cute balloons holding them up. Reaching out Howl scooped Ceil in his arms then Alice giving a small hug to the girls. Letting them go to float in place in front of Howl, smiling at the two.

"So what would the lunar darlings like to do?"

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